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     If you are reading this, then it’s highly likely you are familiar with the phrase “There’s nothing to do in Fresno.”  Especially when talking about nightlife.  Being right in between L.A. and the Bay Area, two of the best cities for nightlife in the country, means most people in Fresno have experienced their nightlife and compare our nightlife with those cities.  Sure, we all would like to have some of the amazing things those cities have, but it doesn’t mean there is nothing to do in Fresno.  And we don’t have to deal with some of the problems those cities have, such as crazy traffic and ridiculous cover charges. 


     Despite the stereotype, we at Nightlife Fresno have had some pretty awesome nights out in Fresno and love the local scene.  We think the problem is that there is nowhere to find out everything that’s going on.  Other cities have websites, local magazines or papers that promote the nightlife scenes.  There have been some people who have attempted to do this in Fresno, but they never do it right.  Websites have old information and list clubs that are closed, they don’t have information on the new spots, they only have information for one type of crowd, and they just don’t have much useful information.  We have spent a lot of time on many nights searching the internet trying to figure out where to go.  Many times we’ve found some great spots after a lot of work, and sometimes we’ve ended up going to some really lame spots.  The last thing you want to do is plan a fun night, get a taxi to go across town, and the spot sucks and you have to spend more money on a taxi and waste more time trying to find a better spot.


     This is precisely why this site was created.  NightlifeFresno.com is what we all have been looking for with all the most up to date information about everything involving Fresno nightlife and entertainment.  If you want to plan your night out, no matter what the occasion or what type of place you’re looking for, we’ll have the most accurate information.  Whether you want to find the most popular club, the unknown dive bar with the friendly bartender who makes great drinks, or the sports bar with the most tv’s, you can find all that information and more.  And as we further develop the site, we plan to bring you much more such as photography from events, transportation information, discounts, local clothing, local music, interviews with local musicians, and anything that will help you to enjoy Fresno’s nightlife.


     If you have any ideas on what could make the site better, we welcome your feedback on our contact page.  Our goal is to make sure nobody is saying “There’s nothing to do in Fresno” anymore, and everybody is out enjoying all the great places and events in Fresno that you never knew about! 

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